John David Coupland a.k.a. Johnguitars is a retired music teacher from Scotland. His career spanned singing in the pubs of Glasgow to working for the legendary jazz guitarist Ivor Mairants. Guitar repairing, building and teaching all came together to pay the bills. His musical works include classical guitar instrumentals, folk songs and hymns. John is at the grandad stage of life and has been married to the girl of his dreams for 45 years. He is an elder in the Church of Scotland and describes himself as a born again charismatic Christian.​Regarding his music, a long career brings many changes. It all started in the 60's with folk music but after his encounter with Ivor Mairants the emphasis changed from being a singer who strummed to a guitarist who actually played. Although the classical guitar is his favourite, steel strings work better in church and electric guitars are far more comfortable to play. Years ago this would not have mattered but now the aches and pains of old age can no longer be ignored. John rarely found that bands worked for him and came to the conclusion that the common factor in their disintegration was himself! He does now however contribute to the praise band in his village church. His son, Barry, leads worship at the Destiny church in Glasgow.


John David Coupland

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