Thank you for visiting my site. I invite you to listen to the gospel in melody. I am a songwriter and I write "angel flower music" because my birth name is Angela Fiore - which means "angel flower". I use the little angel logo as it helps people remember the website!:) I sing and write because I know Jesus is REAL and He REALLY LOVES YOU! Angela is a songwriter-singer-speaker who is happy to share the songs the Lord has allowed her to pen. She shares how Jesus prepared her for the adventure she is on, and how to discover the joy in your own adventure through laughter and song. By His Mighty Hand, her music has traveled around the globe! She has spoken for womens ministries & conferences, cruises, churches & coffeehouses. In 2007 I began sharing the gospel in melody via the internet. All of my songs are available to any artist wishing to record them. Just email me! EVERYONE is welcome to use them for personal or congregational worship, for use on your website, Youtube, radio/podcasts, or to share at coffehouses and outreach programs. Karaoke tracks, Lyrics and Chords are available for your convenience. Just drop me a line and let me know. :)


Angela Dittmar