Former US Marine, Michael Rood, dares to go where few men have gone before; to challenge long-standing traditions and man-made religious systems and to guide all "who have ears to hear" to a historically accurate interpretation and rational understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures. Michael Rood has earned his reputation as the Messianic matador who waves his tattered red cape in the face of the religious bull of this generation finally roasting the golden calf of churchianity and serving it up with the leaven-free bread of life. Michaels television series: Prepare for A Rood Awakening! from Israel has been heralded as the most energetic exposition of Scriptural truth to come out of Israel in over a millennium. Visit our NEW video website: Michael Rood TV

The Sinai Connection - Israel's Ancient Title Deed to the Land. For seven years, Michael Rood traveled the globe presenting the evidence of the "REAL" Mount Sinai in Arabia. Armed with only a few photographs and short segments of extraordinary video footage, Michael exposed fallacious traditions and shed new light from the Hebrew Scriptures, which detailed Israel's exodus from Egypt. The true source of Michael's video evidence remained a secret, even to him, until a former Saudi Aramco oil field engineer and his wife attended the "A Rood Awakening!" seminar. That night, James and Penny Caldwell identified themselves as the clandestine source of Michael's covert information. Now that they were safe in America, they offered Michael full access to nearly ten years of stockpiled evidence - a treasure beyond belief! 

 Join Michael Rood as he presents the most complete documentation to date concerning the recent discovery of Mount Sinai, which takes you on a first hand tour of the Mountain of God. You'll be left with little doubt that the Scriptures, not tradition, lead us to the truth.

 Explore the route of Israel's Exodus from Egypt that leads to the coral encrusted remains of Pharaoh's chariots and army strewn across the floor of the Red Sea. Inspect the petroglyphs of the Egyptian cow and bull gods, which unmistakably identify the altar to the golden calf. View the sacrificial altar near the original Tabernacle site. Walk through the split rock that gushed millions of gallons of water into the thirsty camp of the Israelites. Visit the cave where Elijah stayed during his sojourn at the mountain. Ponder the prophetic ramifications of Zechariah's Thermonuclear War and the The Two Man-made Mountains of Brass, which details the escalation of the current war in the middle-east. And finally, witness Israel's permanent title deed to the land promised to Abraham and his descendants.

The Hebrew Scriptures detail the building of a great temple under the direction of King Solomon of Israel, the wisest man on earth. The Temple was built as a place to house the Ark of the Covenant. To make provision for the Ark's safe keeping, Solomon constructed a sand-hydraulic elevator in the Most Holy Place. The emergency escape route and the stone sarcophagus in which the Ark was hidden during Nebuchadnezar's siege were recently discovered in the elaborate tunnel system that honeycombs Mount Moriah - the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Prepare for a Rood Awakening! as Michael Rood takes you on a whirlwind adventure in this fast paced video presentation, "The Great Secret of Solomon's Temple and the Hiding of the Ark of the Covenant." This is Michael's "signature work", the teaching that details the hiding of the Ark of the Covenant, and the Ark's importance in the fulfillment of the Feast of Passover - a shadow of good things to come. This is the abbreviated introduction to Michael's 13-hour video teaching extravaganza: "The Prophecies in the Spring and Fall Feasts of the LORD" - the 26 episode Bible Prophecy 101 and 201 series. This multimedia seminar has changed the lives of countless thousands around the globe. You will never be the same after you experience the plan of the Almighty in bringing His salvation to the world!

The book of Hebrews is one of the most important, as well as misunderstood, books in the canon of Scripture. It was written to Messianic Hebrews who were grappling with the alteration of the Temple service that had both the Pharisees and the Zakokim priesthood in a tumult. Unfortunately, modern Christian scholarship has stripped the book of Hebrews out of its cultural and historical context and has twisted its critical message into a smoldering pile of nonsense. Because of their inability to accurately decipher Hebrews in the light of Torah, some have even suggested that this book be removed from the Holy Writ. In this enthralling 11-episode teaching series on the book of Hebrews, critical answers to the dilemma confronting the first century Hebrew followers of Messiah will be brought into the context of how we are to now live and celebrate the Feasts of the LORD.

"Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonors his head" 1 Corinthians 11:4. This phrase is part of a sentence in the middle of a very long letter that Shaul (Paul) wrote to a troubled group of Believers in the pagan city of Corinth. This 'numbered sound byte' has been extracted from its historical and scriptural context in order to develop theology that has no relationship to what Shaul was communicating to these 1st century Believers. Michael Rood puts this phrase back into its proper context and shows that the transgressions committed by the former pagans of Corinth are the very same errors entangling Believers today - rampant kingdom building "Nicolaitanism" in which shepherds wield confiscated authority to intimidate and control the flock of God.

 Michael, along with Shaul, exposes the "shepherding" perversions common today, and delineates a clear path of correction for those who desire to follow the Messiah.

Our Creator has shown us "the end from the beginning" through the prophetic shadow pictures embedded in His Feasts, which He commanded Israel to keep forever. Michael reveals the beauty of these Feasts and clearly details their past and future fulfillment. The Messiah fulfilled the Spring Feasts of the LORD at his first coming - it is recorded in the first four Gospels. The Messiah will fulfill the Fall Feasts of the LORD - and its future fulfillment is detailed in the fifth Gospel: the book of the Revelation. Michael Rood's world famous 13-hour A Rood Awakening! seminar, the Feasts of the LORD and Their Prophetic Fulfillment has just gotten better! After changing the lives of countless thousands around the globe, it has been divided into twenty-six broadcast episodes, and is now available on DVD. Each digitally remastered episode includes crisp new graphics, and special introductory and closing remarks by Michael recorded at more than twenty distinct locations around the Ophel Gardens Archeological Park on Mt. Moreh-Yah (the Temple of the Mount) in Jerusalem. This series is the foundation to understanding Bible prophecy, and the new twenty-six episode format makes it perfect for home and congregational study. This is Bible Prophecy 201.