Acts 7:51-53

Illustration of Acts 7:51-53 NLT — "You stubborn people!"

Stephen stands before the members of the Sanhedrin, the Jewish ruling council. Since they rejected Jesus, he accuses them of following a long line of ancestors who resisted God's message spoken through the prophets. These prophets are the very ones who predicted the coming of Jesus, "the Righteous One" who is "the Messiah" they crucified. To ignore, oppose, and disobey the prophets' message is to resist the Holy Spirit of God who inspired them. The question we have to ask ourselves is this: What part of the Holy Spirit's message am I ignoring, opposing, or disobeying?

Holy God, thank you for speaking in human words through the prophets and through the Scriptures. I pray for the courage to live obediently to your will and thereby to honor the message of truth you have communicated through the prophets and the Scriptures.