Luke 24:48-49

Illustration of Luke 24:48-49 MESSAGE — "You're the first to hear and see [the fulfillment of the prophecies about the Messiah]."

"You're the witnesses!" Jesus wanted his closest followers to know that they had experienced some things that were world-changing, and they were the first ones to witness these things. Their mission would be great, but they would receive power to help with that mission. That power would equip them and enable them to be witnesses to the world. The power that they were promised is the Holy Spirit. And that Holy Spirit, dear friend, is the same Holy Spirit that lives inside Jesus' followers today! The early disciples waited for Jesus to send that power at Pentecost, and we are living reminders of that promise being fulfilled and that power being real. Two thousand years later, people across the oceans, from a multitude of cultures, call Jesus Lord because the promise of the Holy Spirit's coming is true — in New Testament times and in our own!

O Father, please forgive us for not believing in the power you have made available to us in your Holy Spirit. Thank you, Jesus, for pouring the Spirit out on us when we gave our lives to you. Now I ask that you open our eyes and our hearts to see and believe that this promised source of power to witness to your work is available to us today.