Bible Illustrations From Good News Productions International

Biblically accurate illustrations of the Life of Christ by artist Paula Nash Giltner.

Good News Productions International and College Press Publishing Co have kindly contributed the wonderful artwork of Paula Nash Giltner used in

The Global Gospel series of videos on the Life of Christ | English.

These free videos are available on Vimeo in over 20 languages.

These images are covered using a: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


These images can be used in educational or ministry web articles, blogs and social media with attribution to Good News Productions International and College Press Publishing Co.

These images cannot be sold under any circumstances or used in any format for commercial gain.

Good News Productions, International

The Word became flesh
Birth of John foretold
Birth of Jesus foretold
Mary visits Elizabeth
Birth of John the Baptist
Joseph marries Mary
Birth of Jesus
Wise Men visit Jesus
Escape to Egypt
Infant Jesus at the Temple
Boy Jesus at the Temple
John the Baptist's ministry
Baptism of Jesus
The temptation of Jesus
Jesus' first disciples
The first miracle of Jesus
The Samaritan woman
Jesus heals the Official's son
Jesus' rejection at Nazareth
The calling of the first disciples
Jesus drives out an evil spirit
Jesus heals Peter's mother-in-law
Jesus heals the leper
Jesus heals the paralytic
Jesus calls Matthew
Parables of the New Cloth and Wineskins
Jesus heals the lame man at the pool
Lord of the Sabbath
Jesus heals on the Sabbath
Jesus chooses the twelve disciples
The Beatitudes
The parable of salt and light
Jesus teaches about adultery and divorce
The Lord's prayer
Jesus teaches about fasting
Jesus teaches about worry
The parable of the Wise and Foolish builders
Jesus raises the widow's son
Anointing of Jesus feet
The parables of the Kingdom of Heaven
Jesus calms the storm
Jesus heals the demoniacs
Jesus heals a woman and Jairus' daughter
Two blind men and a mute man healed
Lord of the Harvest
The blind and mute man
The Parable of the Sower
Weeds Mustard Seed and Leaven Parables
Twelve disciples sent out
Death of John the Baptist
Feeding of the Five Thousand
Jesus walks on the water
Jesus the good shepherd
Feeding of the 4000
Peter's confession of Jesus
Transfiguration of Jesus
Demoniac boy healed
Restoring Christian Relationships
Jesus and the woman accused of adultery
Jesus heals a man born blind
Pharisees question Jesus about blind man
The Good Samaritan
Mary and Martha
Jesus heals a stooped woman
Death and resurrection prophecies
The Triumphant Entry
Fig tree cursed and Temple cleansed
The parable of the ten virgins
The plot to kill Jesus
Judas agrees to betray Jesus
Peter is restored
Jesus shows humility
The Last Supper
Jesus the true vine
Prayer in the garden
The Trial of Jesus begins
Denials by Peter
Jesus before Pilate
Mocking of Jesus
Pilate tries to release Jesus
Jesus led away
Crucifixion of Jesus
Jesus on the cross
Death of Jesus
Burial of Jesus
Guard at the tomb
The Resurrection of Jesus
Jesus' appearance to Mary Magdalene
Jesus' Appearance on the road to Emmaus
Jesus' Appearance to the Disciples and Thomas
The Great Commission
Jesus ascends to heaven



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