Bible Illustrations From YoMinistry

Bible story illustrations with accompanying videos. Yo! stands for Youth Outreach. 

John Paul Stanley started teaching children's church when his boys were young.

As an artist he saw the enhanced communication benefits of connecting the Bible stories with visuals.

He has developed a one-year curriculum comprised of 48 video enhanced lessons available at YoMinistry-Videos.

It has had a positive impact on children with different learning styles. He has kindly contributed images from his Bible story videos.

These images are the copyright of John Paul Stanley of YoMinistry who has granted FreeBibleimages permission to distribute them.

These images are covered using a: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


These images can be used in educational or ministry web articles, blogs and social media with attribution to John Paul Stanley and YoMinistry.

These images cannot be sold under any circumstances or used in any format for commercial gain.

Deborah the judge
Jesus heals the lame man
The disciples' faith tested by a storm
Jesus heals the Centurion's servant
Jesus raises the widow's son
Jesus heals a man at Bethesda
Jesus feeds the 5,000
Jesus directs Peter to find a coin
Jesus heals the man born blind
Jesus' friend Lazarus
Jesus was tempted
Jesus and the Fishermen
Jesus heals the wild man
Jesus died for sinners
Remembering Jesus with Communion
Jesus is risen
Paul in Cyprus
Paul And Barnabas In Turkey
Paul and the earthquake
Paul in Ephesus
Paul in bondage
Paul in the storm



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