Part 5: Galatians

Galatians is the Holy Grail of support supposedly teaching against obeying the Law of God. Let’s read it together, from start to finish, and see if popular opinion holds up. It is time to Test Everything. Establishing the Introduction to the Context of Galatians - Galatians 2:1-5 - Did Paul Teach Against Circumcision? - Galatians 2:14 - Should We Live as the Circumcision Party, Jews, or the Gentiles? - Galatians 3:10 - Is God’s Law a Curse or Did We Curse Ourselves? - Galatians 3:23 - Was God’s Law a Schoolmaster that Has Been Abolished at the Cross? - Galatians 4:9 - Is the Law of God Actually Weak and Beggarly Elements? - Galatians 4:21-22 - Do We Place Our Trust in God or in Man? - Galatians 5:1 - Is the Law of God Bondage or Freedom? - Galatians 5:4 - Is Observing God’s Law Falling From Grace? - Galatians 5:18 - Does the Spirit of God Actually Lead Us Away from the Law of God?
Duration:2 hrs 59 mins 17 secs
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