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Topical Sermons
Vayikra – Drawing Near to God
Duration: 4 mins 5 secs
In this week’s Parashah Point on the Torah Portion Vayikra, we look at what it takes to be able to draw near to God. Leviticus 1:1-4 gives us a picture of what needs to be done to be accepted by the Father, and then we also see how we can do this today when the sacrificial system is no longer in place.
Set Aside or Set Apart
Duration: 5 mins 10 secs
Is the law of God as written down by Moses set aside...or is it there to set us apart? What if we set aside the Law of Moses? You might be surprised to hear how the author of Hebrews answers that question.
When Life Just Crumbles
Series: Messages
Duration: 19 mins 1 sec
At one time or another almost all of us experience trials and troubles; sometimes it feels like life just crumbles around us. It’s in those times that we need to dig deep, press into the Father in prayer, and see what he shows us. Sometimes there are blessings in what may seem to be the worst of times.
Tzav – First Be Reconciled
Duration: 5 mins 1 sec
In this week’s Parashah Point on the Torah Portion named, Tzav, we look at the importance of restitution as required by the Torah in Leviticus 6:4-7. We are required by the Torah to make restitution when we wrong someone. If we claim to follow the Word, then this is a topic we cannot afford overlook.